Creation of tailor-made food supplements
From formulation to production

Creation of tailor-made food supplements
From formulation to production

Your white label food supplements

We offer our partners to formulate and produce their own range of food supplements. Our molecular biology approach can be applied to virtually any target. We have developed formulas for nutricosmetics, food supplements for sports and joints, as well as products for concentration.

Our service includes:

  • The formulation optimizing the choice of ingredients, their absorption and their synergy;
  • Production in approved partner laboratories;
  • Obtaining sales authorizations.

The formulation

Our Science-based Nutraceuticals

  • Focused on epigenetics
  • Contain ingredients at active dose
  • Are focused on absorption optimization
  • Take into account synergetic effects
  • Are exhaustive in their scope of physiological action
  • Are backed up by hundreds of scientific studies

Our Selected Compounds

  • Generate measurable effects
  • Induce the body to produce what is missing
  • Modulate specific gene expression
  • Activate targeted biochemical pathways
  • Stimulate key cellular mechanisms
  • Improve tissue self-repair capabilities

The production

Our Nutraceutical Formulas are designed through a unique strategy combining the use of the latest tools developed for the pharmaceutical industry with methods pertaining to Artificial Intelligence to guide us to the best ingredient choices among thousands of molecules. To validate our research and guarantee your safety, we have chosen ingredients with solid backgrounds from peer-reviewed scientific publications within their targeted scope of action.

Our experience and flexibility allow us to optimize the positioning of your product based on price and target customers.