Science-Based Nutraceuticals
Formulated by Experts in Genetics & Pharmacology

Science-Based Formulas
By a Multidisciplinary Team

Nutraceuticals : Advance Formulas' Science & Innovation

Our Nutraceutical Formulas are designed through a unique strategy combining the use of the latest tools developed for the pharmaceutical industry with methods pertaining to Artificial Intelligence to guide us to the best ingredient choices among thousands of molecules. To validate our research and guarantee your safety, we have chosen ingredients with solid backgrounds from peer-reviewed scientific publications within their targeted scope of action.

Team & Research

Advance Formulas belongs the P4M Labs group, innovating in healthcare and oriented towards biotechnologies along with pharmacogenetics research. The company’s team brings together internationally renowned scientists from P4M Labs, experts in the fields of genetics, pharmacology, bioinformatics and gerontology; assembling the ideal set of skills to develop pioneering nutraceuticals. In silico experiments on pharmacological and epigenetic databases lead us to achieve adequate dosages, optimized absorption and synergistic effects.

The Founders

From Scientific Innovation to the Precise Implementation of a Concept in a Product Line

Dr. Ivan de Weber, PhD
Dr. Ivan de Weber
PhD in cellular biology (University of Geneva); Postgraduate certificate in pharmaceutical bioinformatics (Uppsala University).
Mr. Pierre-Alexis Gratadour, MBA, MSC
Mr. Pierre-Alexis Gratadour
Physiotherapist (IFMK Nice);
MAE MBA (University of Lyon III).

Laboratory & Raw Materials

Our products are made in France in a HACCP accredited laboratory complying with the highest international quality standards. Each ingredient’s source is verified into details from purity to active molecules’ yield. Our formulas are patent pending and contain patented and thoroughly tested compounds.

Our Values

Our epigenetic nutraceuticals concept using natural compounds - with effects’ magnitude comparable to medications - allows our customers to obtain sustainable, visible and measurable effects.

Dr. Ivan de Weber

Quality at the lowest cost

Our formulas contain several expensive ingredients below market price. We offer quality from ingredient sources to packaging through to manufacture control.


Transparency at every level

We disclose active compound dosages and suggest expected results backed up by clinical trials.


Security at every level

We work in compliance with local food supplements regulatory organizations and our nutraceuticals contain authorized and safe nutraceutical ingredients.

Our Mission

Our aim is to design the most efficient nutraceuticals, by selecting highly active substances with the most relevant synergistic effect towards a targeted result. Our ingredients are at active-dose and based on hard science rather than promotion.

Far from the anti-aging hype, we are starting to build a true bridge from nutraceuticals to pharmaceuticals, looking for clear biochemical changes to produce strong physiological effects. Beyond our focus on health, wellbeing and enhancement, we are striving to pave a path for the first steps towards Life Extension.